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Performance Motorcycle Additives

8% Improved Fuel Economy

*Result may vary according to different riding styles & road traffic conditions


Tested & Certified By:

Test have proven that the average motorist loses 5-15% Engine Performance and up to 30% Fuel Economy due to carbon & sludge build-up, dirty valves & fuel system. OWS proven system from Germany will restore and maintain your car's performance like new!

Insist on OWS Performance 3in1 System with your next Oil Change!


210 Engine Flush

Article No. 210 | Content 40ml & 250ml Can

Restores peak power up to 99%. Removes carbon build-up  on engine parts resulting in increased engine compression and performance. Protects engine from expensive damages.


360 Injector Fuel System Cleaner

Article No. 360 | Content 40ml & 300ml Can

Cleans fuel system, injectors, intake valves and carburetors. Improves fuel economy, engine performance


220 Engine Protection

Article No. 220 | Content 40ml & 300ml Can

Recommended for city-riding bikes and highly recommended for High Performance Super Bikes

• Maintains viscosity under high RPM and extreme race conditions

• Improves efficiency, horse power/ torque and top speed

• Reduces friction wear and protects engine parts

• Prevents corrosion and extends engine life

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