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Tests have shown that the average motorist loses 5-15% engine efficiency and fuel savings of up to 30% due to carbon and mud buildup, dirty valves, and fuel system. OWS Performance additives restores better performance to the vehicle, better fuel consumption and improve engine efficiency to faster acceleration and smoother engines  like a new car!. 

OWS Additized Petrol P282

Article No. P282 | Content 300ml Can

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(for Petrol engines)

OWS Additized Petrol P282 additive protects injectors and intake valves, Improves fuel economy and reduces exhaust emissions. It provides protection against corrosion and emulsion in wet fuel systems. 


This unique petrol additive enhances performance and improves combustion delivering fuel saving benefits up to 10%.


Improves combustion efficiency of gasoline engines and reduces wear coefficient along metal-to-metal surfaces.



• Real Life Fuel Economy

• Cleaner Engine

• Corrosion Control

• Reduced Engine Wear

• Enhanced Combustion

• Less Harmful Emissions

OWS Additized Diesel D283

Article No. P283 | Content 300ml Can

performance Add_41 copy 2.png

(for Diesel engines)

OWS Additized Diesel D283 is a unique additive that removes harmful deposits for smooth driving, increases fuel economy, restores power losses and reduces exhaust emissions. It provides protection against corrosion, emulsion or haze in wet fuel systems and reduces foaming of dry and wet diesel.


OWS Additized Diesel D283 additive enhances the performance of direct and direct injection diesel engines with proven fuel economy benefits of up to 10%. Compatible with all diesel engines including those with catalytic conversion systems.



• Real Life Fuel Economy

• Cleaner Engine

• Corrosion Control

• Smooth Driving

• Enhanced Combustion

• Less Harmful Emissions

• Reduced Fueling Time

• Reduces Filter Blocking

380 Racing Octane Booster

Article No. 380 | Content 300ml Can

performance Add SI-06.png

-Increase octane by as much as 7-20 points
-Improved throttle response, power and torque
-Smooth rough idling, quieter driving valvetrain
-For Street or track performance.
Use: To increase engine power, smoother running, prevent and eliminate knocking and detonation.

application: For street use, add 1 can to full tank. For races and trucks, add up to 3 cans to a full can. It can be safely used in all types of vehicles equipped with catalytic converter.

OWS 141 Tyre Shine

Article No. 141 | Content 400ml Can

performance Add SI-01.png

A rubber protection that guard tyres and external rubber parts from the weather and environmental influences. Provides long-term protection and keeps your tyres shiny, clean and new again.
Provides a high gloss for faded tyres Reinforces the black color of the tyres Removes tyre stains and scuffs marks Easy to use

performance Add SI-05.png

OWS 430 Radiator Flush

Article No. 430 | Content 300ml Can

The OWS Radiator Flush will clean away all rust, time deposits and impurities such as oil, sludge and grease, which cause reduction of efficiency and choking of the cooling system. Being 100% safe on radiator materials it loosens up dirt in radiator, heater, pipelines and engine.

performance Add_420.png

OWS 410 Cooling System Treatment

Article No. 410 | Content 300ml Can

The OWS 410 Cooling System Treatment is an environmentally friendly product made on synthetic compounds that optimises the action of cooling water. It prevents lime release from the water even at high temperatures, thus protecting the cooling system and ensuring 100% efficiency all the time. Test conducted have seen operating temperatures drop 5-10ºc.

performance Add_420.png

OWS 420 Cooling System Protector

Article No. 420 | Content 300ml Can

The OWS Cooling System Protector works by creating pressure and contains a special compound that can block up to 20 hotels in the radiator and allow the car to function as normal until permanent repairs can be rendered

performance Add SI-04.png


Article No. 362 | Content 300ml Can

Highly concentrated additive to reduce soot and increase the life of the Diesel Particulate Filter. Especially effective for short distances and urban traffic. Depending on the vehicle application, it is recommended that it be used every 2,500 - 5,000 km. according to individual needs. One can is enough for 60-80l Diesel, Not suitable for vehicles with controlled additive system (AdBlue).
• Improved combustion • Soot Reduction • Optimized Fuel Consumption


Engine Decarbonizers

For Diesel and Petrol Engines

• Cleans intake manifold, throttle body air bypass valve, injectors, valves, combustion chambers, oxygen sensor and catalytic  converters

• Test shows that the OWS Engine Decarbonizers restore engine performance, improve fuel economy and reduce exhaust emissions

Additives SI-02.png

OWS 368 Engine Decarbonizer

Petrol Engines

Article No. 368 | Content 300ml Can

The OWS Engine Decarbonizer is the first gasoline engine system of its kind to clean the fuel system. When used with OWS proprietary Fuel System Cleaning Detergents, the OWS Engine Decarbonizer cleans the intake manifold, throttle body, air bypass valve, injectors, valves, combustion chambers,oxygen sensor and catalytic converters without having to remove any engine components.

Additives SI-01.png

OWS 369 Engine Decarbonizer

Diesel Engines

Article No. 369 | Content 300ml Can

The OWS 369 Diesel Decarbonizer is the first of its kind to decarbonize diesel engines.   When used with OWS 369, the carbon deposits in the intake manifold, fuel injectors, intake valves, combustion chamber, oxygen sensors (Euro 4) and DPF decarbonized without removing any parts from the vehicle.    Tests showed that after using OWS 369 and decarb nozzle cleaning system, the engine has better performance, better startup in the morning, smoother idling, less exhaust emissions and reduced smoke on the exhaust.

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