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    • Performance Additives

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    • High Performance Racing Lubricants

    • Commercial Vehicle Lubricants

    • Performance Coolants

    • Performance Brake Fluids

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  • • Motorcycle Lubricants

    • Motorcycle Oils

    • Motorcycle Additives

    • Motorcycle Chain Protection

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OWS was founded in Germany with the aim of becoming the leading supplier of top quality products for the automotive industry, focusing on additives, technical spray can products and lubricants.

Our debut on the market was an introduction that left an indelible impression. Under the brand name "Vitamins for Your Car"," we ushered in a new era of car care and revolutionized the nature of vehicle maintenance.

Since then, our additives have blended seamlessly into the fabric of regular maintenance and have become an integral part of the car journey. OWS' achievements also include being the leading supplier of additives and technical spray cans to many of the official automotive distributors.

OWS Asia Pacific is headquartered in Singapore and is well on its way to consolidating its role as the central hub for the company's Asian operations. The company is present in Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, the Philippines, China, Australia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Lebanon and more!


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