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Car Care Kit Products

8% Improved Fuel Economy

*Result may vary according to different riding styles & road traffic conditions

OWS Commercial Vehicle lubricants are produced in Germany to the highest standards and we ensure that the oils that we sell exceed the requirements of Authorities like API and ACEA and also individual commercial vehicle manufacturers. Because we only produce in Germany, you are assured that every drop that we sell worldwide is the same. The same Quality, Performance and the highest level of Protection.

  • OWS 3000 Multi Purpose Spray


    Article No. 3000 | Content 400ml Can

    Removes water and creates non-drying waterproof film to prevent electronic leaks. Lubricates all mechanical moving parts.

    Safety Data Sheet | Technical Data Sheet

  • OWS 520 Battery Terminal Protector


    Article No. 520 | Content 150ml Can

    Creates a durable, temperature resistant film that protects battery terminals, charging clips and electrical connectors against corrosion, climate changes and battery acids.

    Safety Data Sheet

  • OWS 610 Universal Cleaner


    Article No. 610 | Content 600ml Can

    Removes all grease, dirt and oils from surfaces. Safe for all surfaces; painted, fabric or plastic. Ideal also for home & hobby use. Excellent for cleaning up after maintenance work.

    Safety Data Sheet | Technical Data Sheet

  • OWS 512 Adhering Lubricant


    Article No. 512 | Content 400ml Can

    A special developed lubricant with penetrating action, which is salt & fresh water proof. Long life corrosion protection. Specially suitable for undercarriages to eliminate suspension creaks and provide lubrication and protection for all shock absorber mountings and suspension bushings.

    Safety Data Sheet

  • OWS 613 Uber Power Manifold Cleaner


    Article No. 613 | Content 400ml Can

    Cleans up dirty engine components and restores your lost engine power, leading to sharper acceleration, better throttle reponse, higher top speed, reduced emissions and improved fuel economy. It restores lost power, acceleration and reduces exhaust emission.

    Safety Data Sheet

  • OWS 535 Body Flex


    Article No. 535 | Content 400ml Can

    Protects and maintains rubber parts and door seals. Ensures smoother power windows operation. Eliminates wind noise and weatherstrip body creaks.

    Safety Data Sheet

  • OWS 910 Universal Foam Cleaner


    Article No. 910 | Content 400ml Can

    Cleans dirty parts and surfaces without the use of water. Leaves a hygienic and clean surface. Removes oil, silicon, nicotine deposits, smokes, insects, etc.

    Safety Data Sheet

  • OWS 531 Silicon Spray


    Article No. 531 | Content 500ml Can

    Eliminates interior creaking sounds. Allows for a smooth operation of the seat belt. Eliminates creaks from leather seats and certain interior panels

    Safety Data Sheet

  • OWS 961 Windshield Washer


    Article No. 961 | Content 40ml

    A biodegradable, phosphate-free windshield washer, used to remove smudge such as insects, dust and grease on windshield easily and without producing bubbles.

    Safety Data Sheet

  • OWS Brake Quit Squeal


    Article No. 550 | Content 400ml Can

    Eliminates brake noises with long-lasting effect. Anti-seize compound for all around automotive use. High temperature resistant to 1,100ºC.