Article No.: 8301



DIN 51 524 Part 3; ISO 7308; MAN M 3289; MB 345.0; Ford WSS-M2C204-A / A1; OPEL 19 40 715 / 766; Porsche /; Volvo 1161529 / 30741424; VW TL 52 146 (G002 000 / G004 000); ZF TE-ML 02K; BMW; Jaguar; Mini; Mercedes Benz; Nissan

Specially Formulated Fully Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid

OWS CHF is a specially formulated fully synthetic hydraulic fluid for use in the newest generation of vehicles, developed for hydraulically supported level control systems, hydroneumatic suspension systems as well as power-assisted steering systems. Excellent adeing stability, low friction at low and high temperatures and outstanding low-foam properties.

CONTENT: 1L, 4L, 5L BOTTLE, 20L, 25L PAIL, 60L, 200L DRUM, 1000L IBC

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