Article No.: 8009

OWS Synthogear LS XTREME SAE 80W-250



Specially Engineered Fully Synthetic Extreme Performance Manual Gear Oil

OWS Synthogear LS XTREME SAE 80W-250 is a specially engineered fully synthetic extreme-performance manual gearbox oil for high performance / competition gearboxes, rear axles and final drives fitted with Limited-Slip Differentials (LSD). Highly recommended for track & competition use. Promotes smooth-shifting, quieter operation and outstanding wear and tear protection. Developed for use in high performance modified vehicles operating under high hear and load during competition.

CONTENT: 1L, 4L, 5L BOTTLE, 20L, 25L PAIL, 60L, 200L DRUM, 1000L IBC

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