Article No.: 2508

OWS Multilight LXI SAE 10W-40


ACEA A3 / B3, API SN / CF, approved under VW Standards 501 01 and VW Standard 505 00, MB 229.1, BMW Special Oil, Ford ESE-M2C 153-E

HC Fully Synthetic High Performance Light-Running Engine Oil

OWS Multilight LXI 10W40 is a high-performance light-run- ning HC Fully Synthetic engine oil designed for use in modern Japanese and European Engines with tight tolerances. Turbo tested. Excellent Performance and Fuel Economy qualities.

• Advance cleaning agents reduce engine deposits and sludge build-up for enhance engine life
• Special OWS Synthetic Additive that provides high wear protection with reduced friction
• HC Fully Synthetic technology that enhances thermal and oxidation stability of engine oil

CONTENT: 1L, 4L, 5L BOTTLE, 20L, 25L PAIL, 60L, 200L DRUM, 1000L IBC