OWS was started byKlaus Bosshammerto become the premier supplier of the highest quality products used by the automotive industry, focusing on additives, technical spray can products and lubricants.​When we first came into the market, we introduced our additives to a new market under our “Vitamins for your Car” trademark. We can proudly say that through the efforts of our sales force, a large percentage of the automotive industry have now been educated to using our additives on a regular basis as part of their service. OWS can also count among its achievements as being the leading supplier of additives and technical spray cans to many of the official motorcar agents.​Singapore-basedOWS-Asiawill further strengthen its position as the company's headquarters for Asia. We are rapidly expanding our operations in Asia through our own offices in the Philippines, Malaysia and China as well as with the help of our fantastic country distributors in Australia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc