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OWS 513 Adhering Chain Lube

OWS 513 Adhering Chain Lube

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Adhering chain lube is a specially formulated product designed for motorcycle 'O' ring chains & suspension parts. It sprays on evenly with a unique penetrating action that provides complete coverage of the chain, creating a waterproof barrier that prevents rust and corrosion. Adhering chain lube will not fling off and will lower friction wear.

• Salt Proof and water proof
• Penetrates very well even in small spaces

• 100% Synthetic
• Long life corrosion protection
• Tremendous ability to withstand pressure • Protects brake lines against corrosion

• Superior Film Strength with Anti Shearing & Anti Wear Resistance
• ‘Molecule-stick’ Polymers On Chain Prevents Fling Off


For best results , apply on a warm chain. Shake well before use.

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