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OWS Über Power NA Racing 1L

OWS Über Power NA Racing 1L

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100% fully synthetic racing spec motor oil developed with the latest OWS racing synthetic technology for NA engines

OWS Über Power NA Racing is a super high performance specification racing engine oil designed for high horsepower, high revving, Naturally Aspirated (NA) Engines. Tested and proven under all street and racing conditions, producing more horsepower and less wear.

• Excellent oil temperature and oil pressure control for consistent track timings lap after lap

• Almost zero friction from OWS Zero c.f technology that protects your engine against wear under extreme racing conditions

• The only racing oil that can handle Drag, Track Rally and Endurance races

• Substantial reduction in mechanical friction resulting in fuel savings of 5% guaranteed

• Extensively tested under all conditions and proven to give increased horsepower and torque


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